02 Nov

Nominations Results

UPDATE: we apologize for an error on the original slate regarding Albert Chow’s candidacy. He is running for AT&T Data Center Steward, not Boston Marketing. The corrected version appears below. We have also clarified that Colin Osgood is running for reelection as Westford Fire Dispatchers Steward. Thank you.

The CWA Election Committee has received all the nomination papers that were submitted. This is the slate of candidates:

President: Jaime O’Donnell

Executive Vice President: Martin Gill

Secretary/Treasurer: Scott McCollem

Boston Marketing District Vice President: no candidate

Boston Metro District Vice President: Mark Cardoza

Central District Vice President: no candidate

Northern N.E. District Vice President: Sarah Regan

Southern N.E. District Vice President:   John Westerlund, Mark Botelho

Western N.E. District Vice President: no candidate

Boston Marketing Steward: no candidate

AT&T Data Center Steward: Albert Chow

AT&T Central Steward: Stephen Ansaldi

Westford Fire Dispatchers Steward: Colin Osgood

The Election Committee will create 2017 ballots based on these results. Your ballot will be tailored to the district in which you work. Ballots will be mailed out on November 13, 2017, and will be picked up from the Election Committee’s PO Box on November 28, 2017 at 12:00pm and will be processed at that time. We’ll announce the results as soon as we have them. Thanks, and be sure to vote!

30 Oct

CWA membership meeting

Our next CWA membership meeting is coming up!  We’re meeting on Wednesday, November 8th at 7pm at 35 5th Avenue, Cranston, RI 02910.  That address will work in your GPS devices.  The building in question has no signage, so here’s a picture.  Hope to see you all there!

11 Oct

CWA Local 1051 Election

The offices for President, Executive Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, 6 Divisional Vice Presidents and all Stewards are up for election. If you are interested in running please work on getting your nomination papers signed and mailed in as soon as you can.

The Offices of President, Executive Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer will require signatures from 10% of the full membership.

The Offices for District Vice President and all Stewards will require signatures from 5% of the members to be represented.

If you intend on running for Steward please provide a brief description of the position. I.e. Steward for the Town of Westford Police Dispatchers or Steward for Hudson Power and light Linemen.

Since we have six different districts, if you’re running for a district VP slot, please write the name of your district on your nomination papers.  A complete list of districts is included in the info packet linked below.

Please, see below docs for details.

CWA Local 1051 Election

2017 Nomination Form

Thanks and Good luck to anyone who is running.

The Election Committee

14 Sep

Great news — after bargaining for a year and a half, CWA Local 1051 reached an agreement with the town of Westford. The new contract gives our members significant pay increases that align them with their peers, without giving up anything that was in the previous contract. Our members unanimously voted to approve it, and all the relevant parties have signed it. Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen!