03 Oct

New Website and Election

Welcome to the new CWA Local 1051 website.  I hope this site helps members gain access to necessary articles, news and updates in a more efficient and cleaner way. There is also a mobile page setup for all of you that access the site on their smartphone.  If there are any suggestions you would like to see on the website please send me an email.

As you all know, this year is an election year.  If you have interest in running for office please contact the election committee at electioncommittee@cwalocal1051.org and they will get you the necessary paperwork.  The first step is nomination papers. No one may be nominated for more than one office comprising the local executive board.

Nominations for:


Executive Vice President

Executive Secretary Treasurer

District Vice President, Boston/Central MA

District Vice President, Southern New England/Western MA

District Vice President, Northern New England

The date nominations need to be submitted will be set by the Election Committee. Stay tuned.

Steven Plouffe                                                                                                                               President CWA Local 1051                                                             StevenPlouffe@cwalocal1051.org

03 Sep

Two Months In

Thank you for checking in.

It has been 2 months since we took over the Local and everything is coming together nicely. This year is an election year. We are working on putting together an election comittee. If you are thinking of running for office they are the people you would contact for information. Once the comittee is finalized I will update all of you. Until then you can contact Skip and I with questions.

I would like to take this time to welcome a new company to our local, Fabrizio Communications out of Plymouth, MA. They were organized and became members last month. Keep an eye out for our fellow brothers and sisters.

AT&T has some new members to our local. Welcome Roy, Wakefield, RI
David, Cambridge, MA
Scot, White River Junction, VT

Karen, South Burlington, VT Harold, Manchester, NH Steven, Boston, MA

Kenneth, Springfield, MA

If I have missed anybody or would like someone recognized please let me know. AT&T members have 219 days until the end of our current contract.

In Unity, Steven Plouffe President

The only effective answer to organized greed is organized labor.

~Thomas Donahue

01 Jul

New Leadership

Thank you for checking in. First of all I would like to thank Dave Silva, Dennis Mattos and Christine Lagasse. You have all committed countless hours and dedication to this Local. You will be greatly missed. I personally have learned so much from all of you. Good luck on your future endeavors, and know we’ll keep this Local chugging along. I would like to also thank the committees that were filled via the Fairhaven call center, The election committee, the audit committee and for your mobilization during contract negotiations. Also, Thank you to Barbara Gendreau for your countless hours you dedicated to this Local.

Per the bylaws myself Steven Plouffe will be Executive President and Skip Manning will be Executive Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer. The District Vice President slots will be vacant for the remainder of the year. Please continue to contact myself or Skip Manning with any issues.

This is an election year so if you have any interest in holding any of the slots within our local please inquire. We will also be looking for members to cover the committees. Especially the election committee. Any interest in becoming more active in YOUR local please contact me or the Executive Vice President Skip Manning.

Due to the unfortunate closing of the Fairhaven call center and the loss of members, we needed to make some big decisions. We chose to cut expenses and close the union hall in Fairhaven. We will be running virtual. Our address for mailings is PO BOX 292 N.Quincy, MA 02171. We are working on a new phone# for you to contact the virtual hall, but in the interim please contact myself or Skip on our cell phones. And continue to check in on this website for updates.

With your help we can keep this local going strong. In Unity,
Steven Plouffe

31 Mar

AT&T announcement

AT&T announced the closing of the Fairhaven call center. We are losing 28 Union members to include our President Vice president and our Treasurer. At some point Dave (our president), Dennis (our executive vice president) and Christine (our secretary treasurer) will be stepping down. Skip and I have been meeting with the board members to discuss and complete a smooth transition. This will be a huge undertaking when it comes time. How the transition will take place has not been nailed down. Know that DVP Skip Manning and myself are doing everything we can to keep this local serving your needs. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or Skip Manning. In Unity, Steven Plouffestevenplouffe@cwalocal1051.org